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As a part of an examination of the current job performance appraisal system at your firm, official performance appraisals are being compared with coworker appraisals of job performance. You and all other employees in your organizational unit will be asked to evaluate the job performance of your coworkers. No data coding or other procedures will be used that will permit anyone to attribute your questionnaire to you. Your confidentiality will be preserved. Additionally, one data have been collected, names of employees evaluated (both official appraisals and coworker evaluations) will be replaced by numbers. These numbers will be selected at random, so that the appraisals and evaluations may not in any way be identified with any specific individual. Thus, the privacy of all employees will be protected.

Below, you will find a list of each employee in your organizational unit. You are requested to evaluate the job performance of each of these individuals by placing an x under the appropriate rating.

Name Job Performance

Superior Very Good Good Fair Poor












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