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Marketing Strategy of Fox Broadcasting

The purpose of this research is to provide an analysis of the marketing strategy of Fox Broadcasting through 1993. Included in this analysis is a description of the industry structure, a statement of Nielsen viewer ratings, and a discussion of the Fox Broadcasting strtategy.

The players in the television broadcasting industry create a rather complex and often overlapping mosaic. These players, their roles, and some of their more significant characteristics are as follows:

1. The major commercial television networks create original programming, and provide this programming free of charge to viewers. The commercial networks derive their income through advertising revenues from the sponsors of their programs. Fox Broadcasting is currently considered to be the "fourth network," in addition to the long established big three of ABC, CBS, and NBC (The fall of . . ., 1990).

2. The Public Broadcasting System creates original programming, and acquires original programming from other sources. It provides this programming free of charge to viewers. The organization derives most of its revenues from

1 2corporate donations, its affiliate stations, and from federal government grants.

3. Local commercial television stations affiliated with national networks transmit network programming to local viewers free of charge. Most of these stations also create original local programmi


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