Organizatioinal Behavior Trends

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Organizations have for decades proclaimed that people were the most valuable of the resources to which they were entrusted. All too often, however, this statement effectively represented the extent of top organizational interest in the human component of an organization's resource base. Intensive strategic planning and management was reserved, rather, for the financial, physical, and technological resources available to the organization.

A widening recognition of the significance of human resources to an organization began to develop in the 1970s. Much of the early interest in a transition from the older concept of personnel management to the new concept of human resources management was prompted by declining productivity in American organizations, and the competitive threat of the Japanese. "Japanese management" became a buzzword in American organizations, and Japanese management is, essentially, human resources management (Pascale and Athos, 1981, pp. 1927).

As the concept of human resources management gained acceptance in American organizations, the concept itself was subjected to intensive review and development. One result was the recognition that an effective human resources strategy could provide an organization with a competitive advantage (MacMillan and Schuler, 1985, p. 28).

In the 1990s, human resources management continues to evolve. Many of the important

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