Survey Method of Data Collection


This research reviews the survey method of data collection. An overview of the survey method is presented, and current trends in survey data collection are considered. The significance of the survey method of data collection to human resource management is discussed, and the results of a survey of employees of the Sadie G. Mays Memorial Nursing Home are reviewed.

A survey is "a process of collecting data from existing population units, with no particular control over factors that may affect the population characteristics of interest in the study" (Pfaffenberger and Paterson, 1987, p. 13). Six specific steps are involved in the planning of a survey (Pfaffenberger and Paterson, 1987, pp. 1415). These steps are as follows: 1. A clear and detailed statement of the problem to be investigated must be developed. The problem statement should clearly indicate what is to be determined by the conduct of the survey (Pfaffenberger and Paterson, 1987, pp. 1415).2. A decision must be made with respect to the number of subjects to be surveyed. The choice in this instance is between a census of the population of interest, or a sample of that population (Pfaffenberger and Paterson, 1987, pp. 1415).

3. The framework of the survey must be designed. The survey must be designed to isolate the characteristic or characteristics of interest from other characteristics o



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