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Air Cargo Management

The air cargo industry is experiencing record growth of more than 11% worldwide over the past few years (Buxbaum, Flying 1). There are many reasons for the increase in air cargo. One is the opening of global markets to international trade. Another is the significant drop in fuel prices over the past two years. The booming economy has not hurt the volume of air cargo either, as the air cargo industry normally goes as the economy goes. Air cargo volume has also increased due to its emergence as an alternative to other forms of shipping, lower prices, and increased competition. However, many of the changes that have produced greater growth in the air cargo industry have also been responsible for increasing the amount of air cargo theft, domestically and worldwide. Taking the word theft times ten, as the title implies, is no exaggeration. The National Cargo Security Council estimates that “annual cargo losses to theft in the United States alone tops $10 billion and could exceed more than $100 billion worldwide. The theft of cargo has become so widespread that it constitutes a serious threat to the flow of commerce in the United States” (Cargo’s 1). This analysis will include the reasons why air cargo theft is on the rise as well as the industry changes that have wrought it. The analysis will also cover the influence of organized crime and crime rings in this area. Also discussed will be the efforts and actions taken to prosecute perpetrators of organized crime and the methods of prevention being utilized by air cargo carriers. Finally, a conclusion will address the future state of air cargo theft and the possible directions prevention will move as air cargo shipping continues to increase in a technological, global marketplace.


Part of the reason for air cargo theft is the changing nature of the air cargo industry. Today more and more individuals and companies are choosing ...

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