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McDonald's Corporate Culture

McDonald’s Corporation is the largest and most recognized global foodservice provider. McDonald’s currently operates more than 30,000 restaurants in more than 120 countries (Corporate 1). McDonald’s also boasts a team of experienced managers, one of the best recognized brand names in the world, superior operating systems, and a global infrastructure. McDonald’s is all about corporate culture. From its Hamburger University (where managers and assistant managers are trained) to its vision statement of Quality, Service, Convenience, and Value (QSCV), McDonald’s corporate culture is a shared value system that forms the basis of all company decisions.

If we look at R. E. Spurgin’s components of corporate culture, we see them defined as such:

A relatively enduring, interdependent symbolic system of values, beliefs, and assumptions evolving from and imperfectly shared by interacting organizational members that allows them to ascribe common meanings to stimuli encountered in the organizational context; these functions are accomplished through the mediation of implicitly and explicitly rules that act as cultural warrants.

McDonald’s vision statement creates the values by which are made all managerial and corporate decisions. These guiding values are exhibited in all aspects of business, from social responsibility and diversity to training and policies. McDonald’s operates four Hamburger Universities in four countries. At these schools all managers and assistant managers are instilled with McDonald’s values and trained in all aspects and phases of franchise operation – from making hamburgers and hiring employees to the temperature of grease for frying fries and the way bathrooms must be cleaned. No Harvard MBA works for McDonald’s and formal education takes a secondary to possessing the values embraced by the corporate culture, “Strong, traditional value


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