Population Growth and Health Care


Rapid population growth in the United States is changing the demographic structure of American society. In turn, changing demographics will affect business activities related to health care (Davies 284). This research examines four areas of health care-related business activity on which the effects of population growth likely will be substantial. These areas of business activity are (1) hospitals, (2) vitamins and supplements, (3) assisted living, and (4) biomedical.

Hospitals as business activities provide various levels of in-patient care. Many hospitals also operate ambulatory care clinics and emergency departments. This examination includes all of these business-related activities.

The sheer growth projected for the population of the United States will lead to increased demand for hospital-delivered health care services. Increased demand will affect in-patient care, ambulatory care, and emergency care. Further, however, much of the population growth projected for the United States reflects a disproportionate growth among the elderly population sub-group. Increased growth of the elderly segment of the population likely will increase the demand for both in-patient hospital care and for ambulatory care delivered in hospital settings because, typically, elderly persons access the health care system at a higher rate than younger persons (World Bank 1).



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