Brandi: A Case Study in Learning Problems

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Brandi is an 11-year-old female who is currently attending a fifth grade class for typical students at Hollywood Park Elementary School. She is exhibiting both academic and social difficulties in the school setting. In her most recent report card, Brandi's grades ranged from C+ in Mathematics to D- in Reading. Both her teacher's comments about Brandi's reading difficulties in phonics and reading comprehension, along with her FCAT scores suggested that Brandi could be reading at a third grade level. Apart from her declining academic performance, Brandi was also reported as being highly disruptive in the classroom. Instead of attending to her schoolwork that was often incomplete, Brandi was constantly interrupting the classroom proceedings and disturbing her peers.

The interviews with Andrea, Brandi's biological mother and Brandi, indicated that Brandi's disruptive behavior could be attributed to the lack of attention provided to Brandi at home. Because Andrea is extremely preoccupied with caring for Brandi's younger step-siblingsùan autistic son and an infant, Brandi has felt excluded from her new family. While Brandi's step-father is only devoted to his biological children, Brandi's biological father has also neglected Andrea. During the weekends they spend together, Brandi's father leaves her with a babysitter, while he goes on dates with his new wife. Therefore, Brandi feels that she does not belong to any family. Brandi initially neglected her schoolwork and ac

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