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Organizations and Crisis

Every organization must at some point deal with a crisis. Crisis situations are exceedingly difficult to deal with because, by definition, they are times of flux and change whose outcome will often depend on the organization's reaction. Managing a crisis is a function of planning and execution. Most important, for any organization, is effectively managing the flow information both within the organization and between the organization and the public. This is especially true for political organizations due to their reliance on communications and the media to get their message across: at heart, political organizations are vehicles for communications between the party leaders and the public. This paper will lay out the most effective methods and techniques available for dealing with political crises.

First, we will examine the stages of crisis management. There are four stages to effectively dealing with a crisis that apply to all kinds of organizations. The first stage is the mitigation and prevention stage, which involves a series of steps that can be taken before a crisis occurs that may avert it from occurring in the first place or that will limit the damage that will occur. The second stage is the preparedness stage, which involves creating a crisis management plan and training the organization staff to effectively deal with crises situations. The third, and most important stage, is the response stage which begins when the crisis occurs. During the response stage, effective communications within and without the organization are especially important. The last stage is the recovery stage, during which the organization must learn from the experience and modify its existing plans to reflect what occurred.

Throughout the paper, we will examine how political crises relate to the crisis management techniques that we have outlined. It is important to note here that while political crises have distinct characteristics, th...

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