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Customer Satisfaction

ESSAY 1. Customer satisfaction may be the single most critical factor in a corporation's ability to show a profit. It also may be one of the most complex and difficult to master. A business may spend its entire life focusing on the challenge of keeping its customers satisfied, and may never get it right. Yet the business that considers this task unimportant does so at the risk of its continued existence.

Business consists of an exchange of goods or services with a buyer. Business does not exist without at least one customer, and, even in a monopoly, that customer must experience at least enough benefit from the transaction in order to want to continue the relationship. A business which has no customers cannot remain viable.

Yet "satisfaction" can be elusive. As every student of basic communications theory and every individual who has completed even one big-ticket purchase knows, "buyer's remorse" is a common reaction to the close of many transactions. Even when a customer has made an informed decision with a company that has paid careful attention to the customer's genuine needs and work


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