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Letter About Buying A Used Car

I have decided to buy a car, and I have already found one. It is a used car, one about 10 years old. I spent the last two weeks looking at cars all over town. I went to several dealers and then answered ads in the newspaper for cars being sold by individual owners. I saw a lot of cars, and some of them were interesting while most of them were not. I finally decided on this car. I know you think you get a better deal if you buy from a dealer, but I am buying this car from a private party. I could have done better with dealers if I had a car to trade in, but since I do not, I think this is the best way.

I know you will object to this car, but I am going to buy it anyway. It is everything you warn not to get, so I can never say I was not warned. Still, I like it and I think it will work for me. It is a Nissan sportscar and it is costing me about $3,000. You may say this is a lot of money, and it is. However, it is also a fair price based on the others I have seen from the same time period--only a year or two later and the price would be five times that. It is amazing how that works, but in this case I am glad it does. If I were selling a car, I probably would not be so pleased about it. So complaining about the price will not get you far in arguing with me about this purchase, since it is within the range I was ready to spend.

It is true that I could get a newer car if I bought an American car or something simpler than a sports car, but the gage of the car is not bothering me. I know it is better to buy a new car than a used one because you get a guarantee and because no damage has yet been done to any part of the car by the first owner. You always say that yourself, but of course, you could buy a new car and get a lemon, one that has problems that cannot be fixed easily. Cars get recalled all the time. In any case, you know I cannot afford a new car, so that is out of the question even if I were so inclined


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