Application of Social Work Models to a Case

The purpose of this paper is to describe a social work case using each of the following social work models: (1) The Ecological Life Model; (2) The Psychosocial Model; (3) the Problem-Solving Model; and (4) The Functional Model. This particular case, a case involving a young girl named Anne, is presented in Appendix A.

The Ecological Life Model Approach To Anne's Case

The Ecological Life Model was originally developed by Carla B. Germain (1980). This model explained social work practice in terms of life transitions, interpersonal dynamics, and environment. Applied to Anne's situation, the model would hold that Anne's emotional disturbance arose as a result of her transactions with an ongoing stressful environment; this because the model holds that it is the interrelationship or transaction between a stressful environment and the child which make for psychological problems.

The model, therefore, holds that assessment should be directed toward determining those stressors producing the problem. With respect to Anne, even a cursory perusal of the case would indicate stress arising from family interactions and relationships (an addictive mother and grandmother most likely interact with Anne in a dysfunctional manner). Also, with respect to the environment, Anne's life has been one of ever changing placement; this also would be highly stressful due to the lack of continuity and stability so important to making a child feel secure.



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