Managing Organizational Culture

The concept of organizational culture is a relatively new one. Organizational cultures, like other human cultures, include particular types of artifacts, special values, and common beliefs and assumptions. In some respects, it is the culture that makes the organization a true organization rather than just a collection or randomly engaged people. It provides the defining characteristics that make organizations differ from each other, and the foundation for both success and failure organizationally. While organizational culture is, to some extent, organic, it is somewhat malleable and management needs to focus on those aspects of the culture which can be influenced and shaped. The focus in this paper is on the management of organizational culture, looking at both private and public sector approaches and issues.

To some extent, the organization's culture is the feel of a place. It is, however, also the way the organization does business, treats its employees and clients, manages conflicts, and makes decisions about the future. Organizational culture includes the kind of communication that takes place within the organization and the means by which that communication is conducted. It includes both organizational selfimage and the concept of the organization's mission. It also includes physical manifestations of the organization's activities, or artifacts of the culture. The organizational cu



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