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Lack of Ethics in All My Sons

Steve Deever, the jailed man who never appears in Arthur Miller's All My Sons, is shown to be only partially responsible for shipping the defective parts that cost the lives of American fliers during the war. Although Deever still shared in the responsibility for the crime there were circumstances that slightly mitigated his guilt. The first is his position in the firm, the second is the way he was manipulated by Joe Keller. Keller makes it clear that Deever was completely under his control in business matters. He even says that he once "had to fire a mechanic to save his face" (414). Deever was clearly dependent on Keller and subject to his authority. This is a point his son makes about him when he describes his character as that of "a frightened mouse who'd never buy a shirt without somebody along" (406). In his position Deever could go along with what Keller told him to do or become a whistle blower; his whole life was in Keller's hands. But Keller also understo


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