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To: MSC Customers and potential customers and all interested

In this highly competitive age, no company regardless of product or services it provides can remain in business until and unless it provides a superior service to its customers with satisfaction literally guaranteed.

Since its inception, the goal of AMSC has been to be in the vanguard of the mobile communications business, offering services to private citizens, the airlines and the aviation industry, as well as to private and government organizations that require continuous, clear and consistent mobile communications, worldwide. We have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to out-perform and outclass competitors. This includes not only the launch of additional satellites, but forming an association with a Canadian firm, Telesat Mobile Inc., to provide redundancy- in other words back-up satellite systems that will avoid outages. It goes without saying, of course, that our equipment and research is state of the art. One should expect no less from a company that pioneered in the field of mobile satellite communication. But, unlike some others of our competitors, we are not all things to all people. We have specifically organised to target the needs of three very specific markets. And, it is this organisation which provides our customers with very specific benefits. I would like to offer some specific examples:

In the area of personal communications, our marke

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