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Research Proposal on Obesity & Children


This study will investigate the effects of teaching obese children better habits of eating and exercise, on improved habits and self-esteem. The subjects for the study will be drawn from the general school population (ages 12 to 14). Subjects (n = 20) will receive a brief intervention regarding nutrition, activity, and snacking. Subjects will serve as their own control. Each participant will be pre- and post-tested regarding eating behavior, activity, snacking behavior, and levels of self-esteem. The hypothesis will be tested through the application of quantitative analysis (one-way ANOVA) to the data collected.

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Background for the Study. Childhood obesity is described as "one of the most complex and least understood clinical syndromes in pediatric medicine" (Muecke, Simons-Morton, Huang, & Parcel, 1999, p. 19). Studies are not consistent regarding causes of this obesity, however, some have shown that caloric intake, physical activity levels, and high-fat consumption are risk factors for obesity. High-fat foods offer a target for diet modification since these foods increase total caloric intake and they are risk factors of cardiovascular problems. Studies have pointed out the consequences of poor eating behaviors, inactivity, and poor snacking habits. Obese children have lower self concepts (Houston Chronicle, 2003; Muecke, Simons-Morton, Huang, & Parcel, 1999).

Early experiences impact future eating habits and childhood health. Poor diet is associated with chronic diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. The food pyramid states that a healthy diet includes multiple servings of grains, fruits, and vegetables each day and a limited intake of saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, and sugar. Teaching good eating h...

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