Teacher Training for Classroom Problem Behaviors

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The following review of the literature is focused on the issue of teacher training for interventions designed to deal with classroom problem behaviors in elementary school students. Prevalence and causes, additional factors linked to problem behaviors, intervention components, intervention outcomes, teacher training, and summary and conclusions are presented.

Problem behaviors found in classrooms remains a national concern. August, Realmuto, MacDonald, Nugent and Crosby (1996) reported on the prevalence of ADHD and comorbid disorders in elementary school children that have been screened for disruptive behavior. The authors pointed out that early identification of problem students is important for prevention of behavioral problems. To determine factors predictive of these problem behaviors, a study was conducted with 7,231 first- through fourth-grade students. This sample was assessed for disruptive behavior in cross settings. The frequencies of psychiatric disorders and patterns of comorbidity were assessed along with parent and child characteristics. Findings showed that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) were identified as the most frequent diagnoses. Infrequent diagnosis included mood and anxiety disorders. Comorbidity patterns showed that externalizing and internalizing disorders were found to occur with ADHD and severe psychopathology and psychosocial risk were li

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