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Moses' Excuses to God

When God called him some forty years later after the incident with the burning bush, Moses was no longer as confident in his leading abilities as a leader. He argued with God that he would not be able to accomplish the things God was sending him to do. God told Moses he had seen the suffering of His people and was sending Moses to redeem them by taking them out of Egypt. For seven days and seven nights he argues with God, presenting these four excuse or objections to God:

1. Who am I? I am unable; I am not prepared; I will not know how to act. God responded: "I will be with you" which should be more than adequate for any servant of God.

2. Moses raises another objection: The sons of Israel will say to me: What is the name of He who sends you to bring them out of captivity. Moses asks: What shall I say to them? God instructs Moses to tell the people of Israel that the one who calls them to follow Moses is the One who ever is, before, in, and after time.

3. Moses but still he is not convinced


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