Personal Philosophy of Nursing

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My personal nursing philosophy is in accord with the model of Chinn & Kramer (1999) which characterizes nursing as both a scientific discipline and an art. The art consists of the nurse's understanding of the meaning of a holistic health-illness experience and the perception of the moral and ethical significance of care, as well as the integration of technical skill with relevant theory. As a science, I view nursing as an application of the body of theoretical nursing knowledge, behavioral and natural science, the humanities, and the arts∑all of which are employed in a caring, respectful manner. The goal of nursing is to utilize my knowledge, competencies and skills toward helping patients achieve quality of life, health, well-being or peaceful death.

Wellness, disability, family and collaboration are four important elements in my nursing philosophy. Regarding wellness, I see this as separate from a state of health in that it is more holistic and refers not only to the health of bodily functions and processes, but also to cognitive and spiritual health. I view both wellness and illness as socially and individually defined concepts and conceptualize both as associated with the degree of variation in the client and the client-system's ability to alter or adjust to its environment.

Collaboration and wellness are related in my philosophy of nursing. I think that in order for clients to achieve both health and wellness, a nurse must collaborate with both the client, his fam

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