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There is an old expression: Build a Better Mousetrap. The reason is simple. The world changes. Science has brought changes. Jet planes, computers, and different foods.

Science also gives new ways to plant and produce food. Monsanto and Pharmacia & Upjohn created GE (Genetically Engineered) foods. But there are many arguments against GE food. So, how to answer Question 2: "Is Pharmacia morally justified in continuing to market genetically engineered organisms?"

My answer is no to morally justified. But, my answer is Yes to more research. More research is necessary. "There is increasing scientific concern that genetically engineered agricultural products may be harmful to humans, animals, or the environment" (p. 325). This does not mean GE foods will be dangerous one day. But now, there is doubt. In Europe, many countries ban GE foods: "In 1999, the European union suspended approval of new genetically engineered organisms until a new safety law for genetically engineered organisms is implemented in 2002" (325).

It is fair to ask Pharmacia one question: Are GE products 100% safe? If they answer, 99.9% or less, then I say NO. Do not market GE products until there is NO RISK. They cannot say that now. Scientists are worried. Other companies won't use GE products: Gerber said NO. "In the UK, three fast-food giants- McDonald's, Burger King, and Kentucky Fried Chicken- are eliminating GE soya and corn ingredients from their menus" (325).

This article gives other warnings:

Critics charged that it was possible that Monsanto's 'Roundup Ready' plants might cross-pollinate with weeds and spread their immunity toa.herbicides. The result would be a superweed that would be immune to weed killer and might spread rapidly (326).

So, not only is there danger to humans, but to plants, too. Yes, danger. Because no one at Monsanto or Pharmacia can say GE products are 100% safe!


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