Comparison of Disney Theme Parks

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This research compares Euro Disneyland with other Disney theme parks. The findings of this research are presented in the following discussions: [1] history and development of Disney theme parks; [2] background on Euro Disneyland; [3] factors underlying Euro Disneyland problems; [4] marketing-based comparison of Disney theme parks; [5] strategy differences between Euro Disneyland and other Disney theme parks; [6] recommendation for Euro Disneyland; and [7] new location for Disney theme park.

History and Development of Disney Theme Parks

The contemporary Walt Disney Company is the direct successor to the business founded by Walt Disney in Hollywood in the 1920s (Moskowitz, Katz, and Levering 548). The Disney Company is a major producer of motion pictures, the owner and operator of a cable television channel and a television station, a producer and marketer of video tapes, music tapes, music records, and publications, a licenser of rights for merchandise production and marketing, the owner and operator of major amusement theme parks in California and Florida, a joint venturer in the ownership and operation of Euro Disneyland in France, and a licenser of Tokyo Disneyland. Walt Disney World in Florida includes the Magic Kingdom Theme Park, Epcot Center, and Disney-MGM Studios.

Theme parks and resorts contribute 48.8 percent of Disney's total revenues (Swort 1788). The company earns an operating prof

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