Aspects of Marketing

Social Responsibility and Marketing 

Marketing affects us in our daily lives even when we are unaware of its presence. Broadly defined as the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer or user, market has evolved into the anticipation, management and satisfaction of demand. Marketing itself is concerned with what goods and services to produce, how to distribute them, the promotional efforts (including advertising) that go into supporting those products and services, and the pricing strategy that is used. The marketing concept, which has largely evolved since the Industrial Revolution, has three components: it requires that an organization be consumer-oriented, have a coordinated marketing program, and be goal-oriented. Where a sales approach to business concentrates on selling product and assessing the revenue from that product (a narrow view), the marketing concept takes a broad view and considers consumer demands and tastes as well as long-term strategy. This research considers the critical factors of marketing, and pays specific attention to the issue of ethics in marketing.

All marketing decisions are made within the confines of the marketing environment, which c



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