Pfizer's Marketing Strategy

Marketing powerhouse, Pfizer, began back in 1849 as a chemicals company. Today, it is a $45 billion global enterprise and is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world. Pfizer's core products include: Aricept (Alzheimer's disease), Celebrex (pain), Diflucan (infection), Lipitor (high cholesterol), Neurontin (pain and epilepsy), Norvasc (high blood pressure), Viagra (erectile dysfuntion), Xalatan (glaucoma), Zithromax (infection), Zoloft (depression), and Zyrtec (allergy).

The ultimate goal of Pfizer's marketing strategy is to increase drug sales, which, for prescription pharmaceuticals, can only be accomplished by increased prescription writing. Pfizer targets every possible outlet to achieve this, including direct-to-consumer advertising (in the United States only, DTC is prohibited in European countries), direct to physician targeting (also called physician detailing), and direct to managed care organizations (to get its drugs listed on formularies for reimbursement).

The goal in direct-to-consumer advertising is to prompt a patient to visit a doctor and specifically ask



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