Kohlman Evaluation of Living Skills (KELS)

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KELS Description, Purpose, and Assessment

The name of the test is the Kohlman Evaluation of Living Skills (KELS). The KELS evaluates activities of daily living (ADL) performance areas (Hopkins & Smith, 1993).

The purpose of the KELS is to provide a non-standardized assessment of basic living skills. The KELS is not intended to be a comprehensive evaluation of basic living skills. Rather, the KELS is designed to provide a quick determination of the readiness of subjects in psychiatric environments to return to a community independent living status (Bruce & Borg, 1993).

The target population for the KELS is comprised of those individuals in psychiatric environments who are being considered for a return to independent living status within the community. Such environments may include geriatric, acute care, and rehabilitation settings. Subjects may range from the elderly through adolescents (Bruce & Borg, 1993).

The KELS involves a structured interview process with requirements for the performance of specified tasks. Performance skills and skill levels are determined within the context of age, culture, and biology (Hopkins & Smith, 1993).

The KELS assesses 18 basic living skills. These 18 skills are distributed into five evaluation categories. The categories and skills are as follows (Bruce & Borg, 1993):

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