Application of ANOVA to a Business Problem

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This paper presents the summary results and the conclusion drawn from the results of the investigation of a business problem. The problem was investigated through the application of analysis of variance (ANOVA) procedures.

The company that is the focus of this investigation has developed cash balances that exceed the immediate working capital needs of the company. Within a year, however, the company anticipates that the cash will be required to support operations.

In the intervening period, the company's business problem related to the excess cash balances is how best to invest the excess funds. The investment criteria are as follows:

Preserve the principal value of the funds

Assure liquidity within a six-to-12 month timeframe

Optimize earnings on funds invested by balancing yield rate and yield volatility concerns

The proposed solution for the investment of the company's excess cash balances is to invest the funds in short-term United States Treasury bills. United States Treasury bills fulfill the criterion of preserving the principal value of the funds, as Unit

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