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International Retailing Success Factors

Innovations in transportation and communications during the twentieth century have resulted in the ability of goods and services to move among nations with greater ease than at any other time in history. International business is no longer the exclusive realm of the large multinational corporation; small businesses are creating marketing niches for themselves in particular product or service areas. When considering international marketing, companies must take into account their own internal structure, the role of the governments of the countries considered, and the way in which the company would operate in the foreign nation (whether directly, as part of a joint venture, or through some licensing effort). Political situations must be considered, and the labor situation in the foreign country (as well as in the domestic country) must also be taken into account. This research provides an overview of key success factors for international retailers in nine geographic regions.

Taken together, Canada and the United States form one of the most sought-after markets in the world, particularly in the area of consumer goods. Although there are cultural differences between the two countries, they share a common language (despite efforts by some Canadians to create a separate French-speaking country English remains the official language of Canada) and many of the same products are marketed in both nations. Perhaps most significantly, many of the same retailers are found in both Canada and the United States (Rankin, 2001, p. 18).

The American presidential election of 2000 is expected to have a significant effect on the retail industry in the United States. George W. Bush, the new president, is expected to enact policies which are favorable to business. As an example, a controversial legislation which would have required retailers to make expensive modifications to their facilities to prevent workplace injury was overturned with an expect...

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