Intercultural Similarities & Differences

In a world that is becoming increasingly more global in nature, there are going to be instances where inter-cultural similarities and differences appear when interacting with others. This paper will examine a few of the inter-cultural similarities and differences between East India and the United States, specifically covering the influences of geography and government, religion, and conflict resolution.

The first example of similarities and differences between the United States and India is in the influence of the geography and governments of both countries. The civilization that came out of the Indus Valley is the oldest in the world and dates back 5000 years as opposed to the much younger history of the North American Continent. Additionally, both India and the United States are located on large landmasses bordered by water on either side so that each has been able to develop in their own way until or unless there were incursions from elsewhere. Because India is so much older, this has created a culture that is much richer in history and tradition than the United States, and where many areas in India have developed different customs and traditions from each other. However, both countries are also federal republics where several states or territories with varying customs and peoples are united through a central government with representatives from each area. Yet, up until India's independence in 1947, there had been a tradition of either colonialism or some type of monar



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