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The Revised Beta Examination Introduction

This research presents an exploration of the Revised Beta Examination, Second Edition. Use of the title Revised Beta Examination in this exploration refers to the Second Edition of the instrument, unless otherwise stated. This exploration consists of (1) a description, explanation, and assessment of the instrument, and (2) an illustration of an application of the instrument.

Description, Explanation, and Assessment

The Revised Beta Examination is described, explained, and assessed in the discussions that follow. These discussions deal with (1) test type and purpose, (2) measurement norms, (3) test development background, (4) reliability and validity, (5) test administration considerations, and (6) assessment of the test.

The Revised Beta Examination is designed as a group test, although the instrument can be administered on an individual basis (Kellogg and Morton, 1978, p. 3). The Revised Beta Examination is a nonverbal general intelligence test (Kellogg and Morton, 1978, p. 3). The Revised Beta Examination is designed to measure the "general intellectual ability of persons who are relatively illiterate, or nonEnglish speaking, or suspected of having other language difficulties. It may also be used as a nonverbal measure for members of the general population" (Kellogg and Morton, 1978, p. 3). The Beta Examination instrument has undergone several revisions since the

introduction of the Group Examination Beta in 1920 (Hsu, 1989, p. 1276). At present, however, the Revised Beta Examination, known as Beta II, is the only version (form) available.

The Revised Beta Examination "yields an overall estimate of ability which can be expressed either as an IQ or as a percentile" (Kellogg and Morton, 1978, p. 3). The Revised Beta Examination consists of six separate tests that measure different aspects of nonverbal ability. The problem types addressed in the six tests are, respectively, (1) mazes, (2) coding, (3) paper f...

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