Case Study of Sexually Abused Child Angela, a 10 year old girl, was ref

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Angela, a 10 year old girl, was referred to me at the Center for Abused Children by the county Department of Child and Family Services . I am an MFCC specializing in children under the age of twelve that have been sexually abused. We have a complete facility to handle these cases on the premises. When a child is referred here we assign them a case worker that assists the child through the court system. We have a district attorney on the premises, a county case worker, and full legal support for the child.

Angela reported to the school nurse that her uncle had been molesting her. Without any further information the nurse called the Department of Child and Family Services and the case worker from our facility went immediately to pick up the child for further questioning. While the social worker was retrieving the child I notified the parents and informed them that they would have to come for an interview before we could release the child back to them. I interviewed the mother and the father separately before meeting Angela.

Angela was a physically normal female, Caucasian, the product of a normal pregnancy. The father was a recurrent alcohol abuser with a history of child and wife beating. The mother was sexually promiscuous, and there was some doubt about Angela's parenthood. The parents divorced when Angela was seven. She subsequently lived alternately with the two parents, living with the father and his new wife when the stress got too great at

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