Sociology of Marriage and the Family Marriage an

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Sociology of Marriage and the Family

Marriage and the family seem to be undergoing great change in present day Western society. The traditional norms no longer hold so true, yet new systems are not yet clearly worked out. Families that espouse the older ways may have stability but also may have problems inherent within roles that are rigidly stereotyped. Families that have adopted the newer ways may seemingly have more freedom and latitude for individual development, but there is a price to pay for that. The more modern family structures are still evolving and do not have automatic support systems to enhance the well-being of the unit and the individuals within it. It is the purpose of this essay to explore general concepts relating to the sociology of marriage and the family and my own life in reference to them.

Many factors come to bear on the creation of a healthy marriage and family. Research shows many variables that relate to the viability of a good, satisfying marriage. A long courtship helps the couple get to know each other, and spending time together in a variety of real-life situations illumines the character as it might apply to life within a marriage. It is not realistic for a marriage to be based on a short, highly romantic courtship in which one sweeps the other off his or her feet.

Participation in church increases the likelihood of a happy marriage, and it goes without saying that if the man and wife are of the same faith, their chances for a long

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