Computers in the Classroom

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Computers have become an integral part of classroom instruction. Today, no teacher can be effective without a thorough knowledge of computers and their numerous applications. Computers assist teachers in their daily classroom tasks and, in some cases, Computer Assisted Instructional (CAI) software eliminates the need for instruction by humans. Computer technology changes so rapidly that continuing computer education is mandatory for the conscientious educator.

Computers are essentially machines that receive, store, and process data, and convert data into information through the use of programs. Programs contain the instructions that run the computer and are written in language that the computer can understand. Computer systems are the actual physical apparatus categorized as hardware and software. Hardware includes the machine parts we see that we call a computer: keyboards, monitors, disk drives, printers, scanners, etc. Software, also referred to as a computer program, is the set of instructions on which the computer hardware operates. Software can be categorized into two main divisions: operating system software and applications software. Operating software oversees the flow of data to and from the computer. Applications software allows the user to complete specific tasks.

Computers range in complexity from supercomputers to microcomputers, and vary considerably in price and speed. Supercomputers analyze intricate instructions at lightning speed while s

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