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This research presents an abbreviated strategic management analysis of The Gap, Inc. The firm is an apparel retailer, which operates 971 specialty stores (Schiffman, 1990), in the United States, the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, and Hong Kong (Standard, & Poor's, 1989). Retailing operations are carried out through four store groupsThe Gap (747 stores), GapKids (104 stores), Banana Republic (111 stores), and Hemisphere (nine stores), although the Hemisphere stores are scheduled to be closed in 1990 (Schiffman, 1990).

The abbreviated strategic management analysis of the firm is presented in three parts. Part one deals with the firm's mission, objectives, goals, and corporate culture, while part two examines the managerial styles of the firm's key personnel, and part three assesses the firm's position on its organizational life cycle.

Mission, Objectives, Goals, and Corporate Culture

The grand design of The Gap, Inc. is to provide high quality casual clothing for the entire family (other than infants), at a price which provides good consumer value (Rudnitsky, 1987). In the implementation of this grand design, the firm's

mission is to monitor consumer demands and financial capabilities, in order to determine which segments of the population The Gap, Inc. should seek to serve, and in order to determine how these segments should be served.

Within this structure of grand design and mission, the current objectives of The Gap, Inc. are to (1) target primari

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