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This research describes the service management strategy employed by McDonald's Corp. in the operation of their fast food restaurant chain. The company's service management strategy is described within the context of the service model. In this model, market segment, the philosophycultureimage of the company, service systems, and human resources are considered.

The company licenses and operates a chain of approximately 11,000 fastfood restaurants in the United States, Canada, and several other countries. McDonald's is the industry leader in the fastfood segment of the restaurant industry, as well as in the hamburger subsegment of that industry segment. Kentucky Fried Chicken is quite close to McDonald's in terms of market share within the fastfood segment, while Burger King is second in the subsegment.

Although McDonald's serves foods other than hamburgers, the thrust of the company's operations is in the hamburger subsegment of the fastfood segment of the restaurant industry. Many of the company's products other than hamburgers are also served in a burger format, a factor which further identifies McDonald's with the industry's hamburger subsegment.

McDonald's values are concerned with (1) public service, (2) community involvement, (3) providing a high value/price ratio in its products, and (4) fostering human resource development within its organization. The company is highly succe

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