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International Business: Environment & Operations

In their textbook International Business: Environments and Operations, John Daniels and Lee Radebaugh address the complex problems which face companies doing business on a global basis. The textbook is designed to accompany an introductory course in international business, and the authors are careful to present information of use to those who will never take another course in the subject as well as to those who are destined to study the subject in depth. As a result, information is presented in a broad context providing information which the authors deem essential to a basic understanding of international business.

Daniels and Radebaugh have divided the text into seven multi-chapter parts: Background; Comparative Environmental Frameworks; Theories and Institutions -- Trade and Investment; World Financial Environment; International Business in International Conflicts; Corporate Policy and Strategy; and, Functional Management, Operations and Concerns. In addition to a comprehensive table of contents, including subheadings for each chapter, the authors have included both a name and a subject index to assist the reader in navigating through the text. A glossary defines terms that appear in boldface type in the text.

Within the text itself, Daniels and Radebaugh have taken care to use many typographical and editorial aids to help the reader gain the most from the text. Margin notes highlight key concepts, and good use is made of headings and subheadings, which are printe


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