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Analysis of Public Speaking Video

Analysis of Public Speaking Video

A review of the presentation video reveals that a number of key errors were made which have the combined effect of diluting the positive impression that any public speaker wishes to convey to his or her audience. With respect to posture, the public speaker should stand squared to the audience in a relaxed position with hands at rest. In my presentation, I did stand in one place and my hands were used too vigorously. A major problem was that I did not move physically during the presentation.

In moving, a public speaker both controls the so-called home spot and engages in moves that are purposeful rather than random. I did not do this particularly well. While I remained standing at attention in one place, my failure to use the room available to me decreased the effectiveness of my presentation.

In public speaking, gestures outside of the safety zone are permitted and when gestures are not being made, the public speaker is advised to allow his or her arms to rest at their side. One of the strengths of my presentation was that I used a number of gestures that were in fact meaningful. However, I did not link hand and arm gestures to slight body movements which would have made the overall effect more positive and compelling.

With regard to facial expressions, the effective public speaker uses smiles, generates warmth, and allows his or her face to reflect emotions that animate a presentation. I was smiling through my entire presentation. This conveyed a positive self-image and a high degree of warmth. It also served to emphasize my rapport with the audience.

Pauses are to be used effectively by public speakers. The elimination of non-words such as "um" and "ya know" is important in order to convey both a polished image and a sense that the speaker is thoroughly familiar with the information that is being presented. In reviewing the vide...

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