Foreign Policy and the Implementation Approach

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The Implementation Approach: Meaningful Study in Foreign Policy Analysis

In a vastly complex and highly volatile international environment, academic and strategic analysis of foreign relations is becoming increasingly more meaningful, and necessary. The discipline of foreign policy analysis is a diverse study where there are numerous theories and methodologies available to the world's top scholars and policy makers. When considering international relations theory, it is important to take into account varying approaches their individual requirements as well as how they differ from one another in order to gain a more complete understanding. An Implementation approach to foreign policy analysis differs greatly from other predominant veins of thought. In order to gain an appreciation for the unique approach that implementation analysis embraces, however, it is necessary to examine what it is not that is, to first scrutinize the mainstream theories that have heretofore dominated foreign policy analysis. Of the many theories applied to the study of International Relations, three have emerged as the preeminent strategies for evaluating, structuring, and understanding foreign policy: Realism, Liberalism, and Constructivism.

By far, the most commonly accepted and most widely used theory for foreign policy analysis is realism (Taliaferro 128). By definition, realism assumes the international realm is anarchic and consists of independent political units called states. State

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