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This paper presents an analysis and critique of a published nursing philosophy and theory by the nurse theorist Jean Watson. The analysis is based on Watson's publications about her theory, especially her 1979 book, Nursing: The Philosophy and Science of Caring, and her 1985 book, Nursing: Human Science and Human Care: A Theory of Nursing. The starting point of the paper is a brief review of the Theory of Human Caring, which focuses on the human component of caring and the moment-to-moment encounters between the one giving care and the one cared for. The theory consists of a description of transpersonal caring and a taxonomy of interventions referred to as carative factors. The analysis of Watson's work reveals that the theory is based on a metaphysical, spiritual-existential, and phenomenological orientation that draws on Eastern philosophy. In addition to the review of Watson's theory, this paper discusses the reason for choosing this particular nursing theory, as opposed to other nursing theories, evaluates Watson's theory, indicates possible applications of the theory in any or several areas where nursing may be practiced, and provides a critique of the Watson model of the philosophy and science of caring, using objective criteria.

The significance of the Theory of Human Caring lies in the theory's contributions to understanding a process that nurses can use to effect positive changes in patients' health states. The theory is a comprehensive descri

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