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This paper is an examination of the renewed interest in belief in angels. Angels are figures found primarily in Christianity, Judaism, and Islamic religions, who act as divine intermediaries between human beings and god. Although they are mentioned extensively in the Bible and other religious writings, angels have recently enjoyed a resurgence of attention. The returning interest in angelic intervention is reflected in everything from the media to the marketplace. This increase in popularity may be attributed to a number of factors. This paper argues three explanations: the increase in New Age mysticism, which also includes belief in UFOs and conspiracy theories; the effects of the coming millennium, which encourages widespread fear, hope, and a need to feel personally connected to the universe; and the explosion of internet access, which allows individuals to exchange stories of angelic experiences and theories on the nature and existence of angels over a broad geographic area.

Recently, organized religion in general has been undergoing a resurgence in attention in America. Numerous popular magazines, particularly Time and Newsweek, have reflected this attention in a series of cover stories, ranging from polls showing increasing belief in the existence of heaven to examinations of the impact of new technologies on the spread of religious doctrine. A recent special issue of TV Guide explored the ways in which television deals with religion, observing that more shows are approaching religious and spiritual issues openly, while the subject continues to be controversial. CBS's Touched by an Angel has become a surprise ratings hit, and feature films such as Michael and The Deacon's Wife have continued Hollywood's careful exploration of angels as movie heroes. Stage plays, such as the multi-part Angels in America, have brought visions of angels to the theater and to every bus stop and train station in which the show's posters...

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