Sexual violence against Women

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Although sexual violence against women is common in times of war, the degree of such behavior varies from war to war, and no adequate explanation has ever been put forward to explain this Wood, 2004, 1). The Soviet troops in Germany during World War Ii were known to rape large numbers of women, particular in Berlin after the city's fall (1-4). There had been widespread rape of women earlier in Hungary, and the practice intensified as the Russian army pushed into East Prussia and Silesia. Thousands of women and girls, from age 12 up, were often raped repeatedly, by a series of men, and in front of their families and neighbors. Women of all ethnicities, but particularly German women, were the victims, and the raping did not subside until the occupation authorities realized the damage it was doing to the Soviet postwar political plans. The rape of German women is believed to have been due to a need for revenge for their prior defeats by the German army, and the restoration of their lost honor and manhood by humiliating the enemy.

Also in World War II, the Japanese ere reported to have raped, then killed more than 80,000 women and girls in the rape of Nanking (Wood, 2004, 4). The Japanese then set up their own brothels with "comfort women" for their soldiers; more than 200,000 women were recruited by force across East and Southeast Asia. In Bosnia-Herzegovina, sexual slavery was common, and the rape of Muslim girls and women in detention centers, in their homes, or duri

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