Four Ps of Marketing

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This assignment involves the description of the "Four Ps" of marketing (marketing mix). Additionally, this assignment explains how each element of the marketing mix is applied by an organization in the conduct of the organization's marketing strategy.

Marketing mix is addressed within the context of the "Four Ps" of marketing (a) product strategy, (b) pricing strategy, (c) place (distribution) strategy, and (d) promotion strategy. The character and purpose of the elements of the marketing mix are as follows (Ferrell & Hartline, 2004/2005):

1. Product Strategy. A product is defined as anything offered for exchange to another party, including physical objects, services, places, organizations, and ideas. Consumers typically recognize five distinctive product characteristics quality-level, features, styling, brand name, and packaging. Depending upon the type of product involved physical, service, and so forth, not all of these characteristics will be applicable in each instance. Another factor involved in the development of product strategy is the product life cycle. Four stages of the product life cycle are recognized by most marketing analysts introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.

2. Pricing Strategy. Pricing strategy is the overall task of defining the price range and price movement through the time period required (a) to support the organizational revenue and profit objectives (or alternative

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