Public versus Private Education

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A. Background: Increase in education reform.

B. Thesis: Private schools are comparable to public schools, and they continue to undermine public education and put low-income and minority students at risk.

A. Private versus public school outcomes is comparable.

B. Private schools have a distinct economic advantage over public schools.

C. Private schools siphon resources from public education.

D. Private school demographics favor whites and the wealthy.

E. Private schools increase segregation of education.

F. Traditional paradigms of public education continue to impact public opinion of public schools.

G. There is increased parental support for public school education.

A. John Dewey's goal of public education.

B. Future educational reform. Introduction

Education reform has become a hotly debated and contentious issue in American society. Policymakers maintain such reform is sorely needed in American public education, particularly due to poor performance on standardized tests by American students "on international test comparisons" (Good 385). Such alarm has led to increasing reliance on standardized tests, to mandatory high school exit exams, and to a variety of other requirements based on the Bush Administration's No Child Left Behind Policy.

Of all the reforms implemented, none continues to cause the contention of public versus private schools. Those in favor of private sch

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