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Personal Essay on Chosen Career Path

My chosen career path has been an ongoing source of personal inspiration and growth. My career helps me to define who I am and what I am about. It helps guide me through my life and provides a safe hold as I weather the storms of life. It is my connection to others and a source of giving and receiving knowledge and love. My career has taught me of my love teaching and how important education is. It has helped me develop a sense of what is right and needed. I learned that I wanted to lead others. I have also learned that acquiring the ôknow howö is as necessary as having the desire to reach a goal. My business experience helped me to understand more about how to lead others. The rewards I have received from my career have been so plentiful that they continue to fuel my desire to reach my ultimate mission. My intent is to become a source of inspiration for others, helping to give back the guidance that others have provided for me.

My career has taught me of my love teaching and how important education is to everyone. From the time I could form any coherent idea of how I wanted to shape my life I was always sure that I wanted to be a teacher. When I entered college in the late 1960s, my major, Elementary Education, was a foregone conclusion. I spent most of the eight years after graduation as a teacher in the New York City school system. I wanted to be a teacher because I enjoyed going to school. I was lucky enough to encounter many teachers along the way that I felt I could truly admire. I felt as if these teachers were such a help to me, both personally and academically. I felt accepted and encouraged and appreciated while I was taught. I felt cared about and this inspired me to want to learn even more. This type of interaction inspired me to want to give the same back to others. It enabled me to picture myself in the role of a conduit of knowledge, understanding, and inspiration.

My career has helped me d...

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