In Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground, we are treated to the experiences of a disaffected outsider. The narrator is negative and irascible and remains unnamed. He describes himself as a "sick" and "spiteful" man (Dostoevsky 2004). In actuality, he suffers because of the fact that the world places too much emphasis on ration. In fact, the narrator has too much consciousness and this is what causes him his pain and suffering. His life has been so empty and negative for such a long time that he can no longer take comfort in anything other than torment, humiliation and suffering. The narrator cannot find out the meaning of who he is. He has been unsuccessful in reaching out to others as a source of meaning or comfort. And he has long search for something to inspire or motivate himself but has found nothing in the search. Thus, we are treated to a number of diatribes against others who rely on logic and reason or common sense to find meaning in life.



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