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Anglo Saxon Values & Culture

United States culture and society are the product of historical and ongoing immigration, characterizing the U.S. as multicultural. A democracy and pluralistic society, the U.S. is also characterizes by the core values of a dominant class of white, Anglo Saxon men. This class uses its significant wealth and political power to reinforce, through various institutions, Anglo Saxon, Protestant, and English values. For centuries, political unity and cultural homogeneity were the norm in the United States. However, due to an increasing number of immigrants and a focus on diversity or multiculturalism, this unity and homogeneity are threatened. This analysis will discuss the viability of maintaining a snciety that has no clear core of cultural or institutional values.

The multicultural nature of American society is beginning to increase tensions between different economic and ethnic groups in U.S. society. The dominant values of primarily white, Anglo Saxon, Protestant males are beginning to clash with minority and lower-income groups who feel marginalized and disenfranchised. As American becomes increasingly diverse and as wealthy Anglo Saxons continue to disproportionately control and benefit from the U.S. economy and its institutions, class conflict continues to grow. As Samuel Huntington maintains, "Multiculturalism and excessive immigration threaten America's dominant Anglo Saxon, Protestant, English culture and its libert


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