Definition of Genius & Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is typically called a "genius" and is associated with the term to the point where a phrase combining to two has gained popular use when describing someone of lower than average intelligence, He's no Einstein. If we look at different definitions of genius, a review of Einstein's accomplishments would seem to make him worthy of the label. Genius is typically defined as one or both of the following definitions:

Distinguished mental superiority; uncommon intellectual power; especially, superior power of invention or origination of any kind, or of forming new combinations; and/or,

A man endowed with uncommon vigor of mind; a man of superior intellectual faculties.

The concept of genius is also thought to apply to a particular structure of mind that provides an individual with a special success in an endeavor. Shakespeare is generally considered a rare genius of literature, Mozart of music composition, and Einstein of mathematics and spatial composition. After a particularly uneventful academic career, while working in a patent office Einstein originated his most famous theories and accomplishments. His most outstanding achievements include the special theory of relativity and the general theory of relativity. He also proposed that light is made up of particles or discrete quantized bundles of energy that were later labeled photons (Albert 2003).

Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for his contributions to physics, including studies on the



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