Drama Therapy

I have always considered Halloween my favorite holiday. I consider it so because I always found people to be more expressive and without reservation about being themselves when in costume. It appears Oscar Wilde observed this phenomenon of human nature long before I did when he stated, "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person; give him a mask and he will tell the truth." Emunah's says Wilde could not have known "the significance [his] statement would have for the field of drama therapy." If this is so, it is not because Wilde lacked understanding about people hiding their true feelings and emotions behind a fatade but because drama therapy did not exist in his time. For when Wilde said "Give [man] a mask and he will tell the truth", he was expressing the core of drama therapy. Drama therapy is the "intentional and systematic use of drama" to foster psychological growth and change (Emunah 1994, 3). It is often easier to express our feelings and emotions, especially painful ones, when we a



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