How Words Change Meaning

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Changes in the meaning of words often empower or oppress others. We might look to Naylor's depiction of the word "nigger" to see how words can serve to empower or impress. Racial slurs are often used to wound or shame. The word "nigger" was often used by whites toward African Americans in such a manner. However, despite the word "nigger" having this negative impact on others that is oppressive, subcultures that experience such oppression often become empowered by such words by co-opting them for their own use. As Naylor (p. 1) maintains, "The spoken word, like the written word, amounts to a nonsensical arrangement of sounds or letters without a consensus that assigns śmeaning.'" This analysis will show that more often than not subcultures are able to become empowered by changing the "meaning" of words originally intended to oppress them.

The use of the word "nigger" is considered racist when people other than African Americans use the word. The word is often used as a way of shaming or humiliating African Americans when used in this manner, something that serves to oppress them as a subculture. However, Naylor (p. 2) explains that in her childhood environment the word "nigger" was use "but it was set within contexts and inflections that caused it to register in my mind as something else." For example, in the context of her classroom, the word was insulting and considered "bad." Saying that "nigger," a real slacker, is not p

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