Containment Theory of Crime

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This discussion seeks to examine the containment theory of crime that Walter Reckless developed in the 1950s and 1960s, looking at both the strengths and weaknesses of the model and very briefly at the experiments Reckless and his colleagues used to test it. Reckless's model is then compared to other "control" models of crime and these control models are then compared to a set of related but differing rational actor and social learning models of crime. Finally, both control theories and social learning theories are placed within the broader psychological literature on human cognitive development. The purpose of this discussion is to bring to light the underlying assumptions of a model as well as to assess the usefulness of different established models to current criminological theory.

Reckless's "containment" theory of crime falls loosely into the category of control theories of crime. Some proponents of control theory particularly early proponents of this family of theories -- saw control theories as fundamentally different from social learning and all other theories of crime. This is based on the fact that control theory has as its core the questions: Why is anyone a law-abiding citizen? Why does anyone conform to social rules and conventions? In contrast to this, other theories (including social learning theories and many theories of delinquency based in systems of moral thought) have asked why some people deviate from social norms to perform criminal acts. Control the

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