Physical Aggression in Children

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In a study by Tremblay, Nagin, Seguin, et al. (2004), the authors report the results of a long-term qualitative study on 504 children during the ages of 5 months and 42 months of age. The authors conclude that physical aggression in children and adolescents begins in the preschool years. The authors theorized that preschool children who do not learn to "use alternatives" to physical aggression are "at risk" for aggressive and violent behavior in adolescence and childhood (Tremblay et al. 2004, 43). The authors followed 504 children from 5 months to 42 months, using questionnaires to receive information from the children's parents at 5, 17, 30, and 42 months (Tremblay et al. 2004). The research revealed variables that are predictors of high-risk children who need early intervention to prevent future physical violence and aggression. Since all of these variables are measurable during pregnancy, the authors conclude that "Preventative interventions should target families with high-risk profiles" (Tremblay et al. 2004, 43).

The authors collected information from mother interviews during 5, 17, 30, and 42 month intervals. Using studies on aggression and violence in more mature children, the author used the following criteria: how often the child hits, bites, kicks, fights, and bullies others (Tremblay et al. 2004, 44). In the initial stages of analysis, the authors discovered three trajectories related to aggressive behavior in the children: 1) little o

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