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Motivation Theories & Employee Performance

This paper examines how an understanding of motivation theories can help managers increase employee performance when implemented through practical, doable applications that increase employee motivation. The creation of a motivational workplace where demotivating activities are avoided; the development of a motivational managerial approach that promotes employee performance and satisfaction; and the institution of equitable reward policies that provide real, attainable incentivesùall based on an understanding of motivational theoriesùcan help bring such theories into the realm of the practical.

Motivation Theories and Employee Performance

An understanding of motivation theories can help managers increase employee performance. Employees generally fall into two types: self-motivated, and those that require external motivation to stay motivated. Self-motivated employees tend to exhibit good performance even if they are never provided with much external motivation, but their performance increases still more if they are provided with that motivation. Employees that do require external motivation certainly improve in performance when skillfully motivated. Highly motivated employees are highly productive employees, and they do superior work. The dilemma for managers is finding ways of motivating their varied employee pool in a manner that works for everyone. The right motivational theories need to be employed, and then the organization needs to apply those theories.

Motivation Theories and Employee Performance

The classic debate among managers has always been whether people are more motivated by money or by recognition. When posed this question, General Electric CEO Jack Welch responded ôYou have to get rewarded in the soul and the walletö (Neff, 2002). Employees that are well paid recognize that their work is critical to the success of the organization, or else the organization would not be willing to pay so much for...

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